Surgery Department of IGMH

The department of surgery in IGMH is comprised of a team of 11 very capable doctors. In addition to general surgery we have doctors specialised in the fields of Cardio-thoracic surgery and Urology. Furthermore the department also manages under its wing a 32 bed ward, where patients may be admitted pre and post operations. Patients admitted in the surgical ward are looked after by specially trained nurses and surgical MOs. In its aim to ensure that all patients who undergo surgery here remain healthy all surgical OPDs have 5 numbers specifically designated for followups.

Surgery Department

The procedures involved in getting a surgery

  • Unless in the case of an emergency, where immediate operation is required (such as in severe trauma cases) getting a surgery involves a number of stages
  • Patients must consult with a surgeon in an OPD. The doctor will then determine whether or not the patient requires surgery. If so, the patient will be added to a waiting list.
  • All investigations necessary for the surgery will be carried out. Such as scans and blood tests.
  • Pre-Anesthetic Checkup will be performed by an anesthesiologist
  • Surgery will be performed on the soonest date at which the operating theatre is available
  • Patients will follow up with a surgeon 3 days after the surgery


Endoscopy is a procedure where an purpose built  imaging device called an endoscope  is inserted into the body to see what it looks like on the inside. In addition to being a very helpful diagnostic tool, certain treatments can also be given during the procedure.

Preparing for the test

  • The patient must start fasting 8 hours prior to the time of endoscopy appointment, to ensure your stomach is empty for the procedure


Appointments and procedures
-Appointments will be given from the ECG room upon presenting a doctors requisition and the patients National ID card
-Patient should come to the ECG room on the day on the day of the appointment with the requisition and the appointment slip, and get an investigation memo from the ECG counter. 
-Right after the investigation, report is handed over to the patient.
-For queries and cancelling appointments please call 3335222