The IGMH lab is the largest and most advanced facility of its kind in the country. Having state of the art analyzer’s and machines/apparatus the lab serves an average of 850-1000 patients a day. There are currently five doctors and 51 technologists working in the lab. The lab has under its wing departments for :-

  • Biochemistry
  • Serology
  • Blood-bank

The IGMH laboratory always aims to improve and provide better services to the public. 

Preparations for lab tests

Some of the laboratory tests require preparation. Following are some of the common tests and their preparation:-

In order to provide patients with as much convenience as possible in their medical care, IGMH facilitates carrying out of procedures that cannot be done by the hospital. The samples are sent twice a week to a lab in Mumbai to be analyzed. Patients will be phoned and informed when their test results are ready.

To do a test:

  • Get an investigation memo from the main counter by presenting the requisition slip
  • Then go to the lab counter and register the sample. To do this you will have to take a token and wait in a queue
  • While registering the sample you should also get a report collection slip
  • Once the sample is registered, take another token and wait in the queue to give the sample to the lab. Out Patients can give samples from 8 am to 7pm


  • Reports can be collected from the main counter at anytime
  • Reports for most routine investigations are issued on the day.
  • There is a special queue for collecting samples from the elderly

Blood Bank

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Why you should donate blood

Blood donations can not only save the life of many in need, but can also be beneficial to the donor. The donors who are most safe are those who donate blood atleast three times in a year. This is because many diseases such as hepatitis? and AIDS have periods of latency. Therefore you might be infected and have no way of knowing till months later. As all donated blood is tested, and patient confidentiality is strictly maintained, you the donor have a safe way of being diagnosed and starting potentially life saving treatment. So please come and donate for the sake of others and yourself.

How to make appointments
Blood can be donated any time between 7am and 8pm