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After a long wait to extend cardiac services at IGMH , Government of Maldives has taken a solid step towards achieving this goal. In a milestone event today, IGMH has signed an agreement with Medtrinal Hospitals of India to deliver advance cardiac care in the country. The agreement between IGMH and Meditrina Hospital of India is to establish a National Cardiac Centre at IGMH to cater the heart patients in the Maldives. 

Meditrina Hospital is the selected party who would be investing on the machinery , medical equipment and medical professionals required for the Centre. Apart from these investments, the Government of Maldives has allocated a budget of approximately MVR 7 million to work on the infrastructure and certain equipments required to run the Centre.

The prime objective of the Government of Maldives is to provide a state of the art Cardiac Centre to people of Maldives, specially to the heart patients who require medical care and providing the ability to get treatment being in their own country. Management of IGMH with Meditrina Hospital will be working together to commence the services by February 2016.